PSA: The Elder Scrolls Online is offering a free trial of its ESO Plus subscription


If you’ve already bought The Elder Scrolls Online and are curious about the benefits of subscribing to the game but aren’t too keen on that whole spending more money thing, then the latest free trial is right up your alley, as it lets players get a taste of ESO Plus benefits without forking over a dime.

Between now and Tuesday, January 26th, players can hop into the in-game Crown Store, navigate to the ESO Plus tab, and select a free trial without any credit card details or other strings attached. The free trial of the subscription grants the vast majority of the benefits like DLC game pack access, double the bank space, a crafting bag that stores crafting materials, 10% more XP and gold, and the ability to dye costumes among others. The free monthly Crown stipend and ESO Plus-specific deals, however, are not included in the trial.

For those who are curious about this trial, there’s a few more details posted on the game’s website. Otherwise, perhaps now is as good a time as any to see if the benefits are worth the $15 a month. Incidentally, if you haven’t bought the base version of ESO, that will set you back about $20.

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