Star Trek Online is adding a new story featuring Tenavik and planet Boreth

Let's get it back together.

What’s next for the ongoing story of Star Trek Online? If you’re a fan of the Discovery series, then there’s plenty to be excited for, as a preview post announced that players will be traveling to Boreth to meet with Tenavik, the keeper of the Time Crystals.

This new upcoming episode would have featured actor Kenneth Mitchell to reprise his role, but a set of “extenuating circumstances” prevented him from stepping in to the Klingon’s shoes. Instead, Mitchell hand chose another actor, Sam Witwer, to voice Tenavik, with the post assuring diehard fans that Mitchell “sat in and coached Sam on how to portray the character, ensuring Sam’s incredible talent was bent towards a pitch perfect performance of Tenavik.” Obviously, there’s not much else that can be shared about this new episode due to plot spoiler reasons, but fans should be ready for some more Klingon goodness.

In other STO news, the game’s art has officially landed itself a place in one of several 2022 calendars, specifically a rendition of the Enterprise-F as part of the Ships of the Line calendar. Who says you can’t plan for your future year’s calendar purchases at the beginning of this year?


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Richard de Leon III

I love the new anniversary ship, so sleek. Its something I would fly if I was in that century.


I’m guessing the extenuating circumstances are something to do with travel restrictions during the plague surge. I don’t know this actor’s situation, but I do know about a channel I watch on Youtube. The two people who normally host it live in different countries, and film the show when they travel to visit each other. One of them lives in the UK, which currently doesn’t seem to be letting anyone into or out of the country. (The info text on the most recent video is that they *really* miss working together, and that currently the escape tunnel is heading towards the mid-Atlantic. :P )

Anyway, if I was going to make wild speculation I’d guess that the original actor couldn’t make it to a recording studio, but could coach over Discord or something. Just not with enough audio quality to voice the part from his current location.