Aion EU puts out its new update with new auto-hunting features, awakened minions, and weapons


What once was a preview only a few weeks ago is now current content as update 7.8 has gone live in the EU version of Aion.

This new update has brought a variety of new systems for players including updates to auto-hunting that lets players add health potions, automatically remove shock, and adjust the camera; some new awakened minions; a new set of Jorgoth’s Weapons said to be the strongest in the game to this point; some more Ancient Transformation Contracts to let players see the world through the eyes of Dr Murr, Sister Meow, Hanbok Baa, or Hanbok Moo; and some improved skill effects for all classes.

As is usually the case, the patch notes aren’t available to read so much as available to download in PDF form, which can be grabbed from the game’s site, or you can simply fire up the game and play yourself as maintenance looks to be wrapped up by now.


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