Albion Online adjusts silver sources, fame boost item costs, and corrupted dungeon goodies in latest patch


Albion Online has kicked out something of a little cornucopia patch for the game in that it touches on a variety of different things, so there’s no real unifying theme here other than “stuff’s different.”

Specifically, there have been some tweaks to where players can get silver, with the amount of Silver generated by the Black Market lowered by 15% but silver drops from all non-Expedition mobs increased by 15%. For those who are looking to earn more fame, Satchels of Insight silver costs have been reduced while the fame they generate has been increased by 10%, and Tomes of Insight will now be dropped less by monsters. Incidentally, the cost per Respec Fame Credit has been increased slightly as well.

Other updates in the patch include tweaks to loot chest appearances and boosts to boss loot when killing players in Corrupted Dungeons to promote PvP; a tweak to the Smart Cluster Queue that allows it to be deactivated in the middle of an update cycle if player numbers allow; and a tweak to the mobile version’s resolution among other things. Full information can be read in the changelog.


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