Caravan Stories prepares for the Lunar New Year with the Clash at the Gold and Silver Lotus


If you’ve been following our personal Twitter accounts, you’ll notice that Bread Girl has once again come to our minds, which means that we’re being invited to check in on Caravan Stories once more, like following the scent of a freshly baked baguette made with love.

As far as what’s cooking in the title, the Lunar New Year event is just on the horizon — Thursday, January 21st, to be exact — bringing with it a new hero, Wujing, and the Hero from last year’s event, Sun Wukong, as well as a martial arts tournament and a series of Lunar New Year’s outfits to gather that have Firecracker Resistance. Otherwise, the game has been updating steadily primarily with loot events.

Despite how humdrum that might sound on paper, Caravan Stories still appears to be building up its fanbase according to Gamstat tracking, with the multiplayer title seeing an increasing player numbers as of November 2020. Readers will recall that this tracks with the last time we took the game’s temperature, which also was a period of player growth. Go, go, Bread Girl!

sources: official site (1, 2), Gamstat

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