MechWarrior Online stream covers update rollouts and roadmap plans for 2021


What’s next for MechWarrior Online this year? A recent livestream with community manager Daeron Katz and live operations manager Matt Newman has offered up some insights into Piranha Games’ plans for the online multiplayer battler after the studio’s holiday break and a reportedly successful series of December events.

First off, a February patch is in the works that should bring adjustments like a doubled player reconnection requirement, lower C-Bill recruitment costs for units, making sure bolt-ons stay on a ‘Mech through a match, keeping map time-of-day static, increased bonuses when Cadets finish their first 25 matches, and less time looking at logos and title cards when logging on to the game. The devs are also hoping to have more patches more frequently; previously, the plan was to have one patch every quarter but the team is hoping to have as many as one patch each month, barring any problems with development time.

The livestream also spent some time discussing a roadmap for MWO, which should be released at some point this month. Katz goes out of his way to point out that the roadmap is fluid, but players should expect updates based on “themes” or points of focus: Q1 is about “low-hanging fruit” to make more adjustments with existing resources and releasing bundles to Steam; Q2 is about improving existing content like adding Solaris maps into private matches or adjusting map spawn points; and Q3 should bring some new content and feature improvements.

source: YouTube

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Been playing since beta but often take some time away, it’s been since before the pandemic I played on a daily basis and since the summer since I logged in on a weekly basis. glad to see it’s not just in maintenance mode and look forward to some content.