TERA PC plots update with new dungeons and gear as Krafton’s stock prepares to go public


PC players of TERA will have some dungeons to delve in the first new update of the year coming tomorrow. One of them, the Catalepticon, comes in both normal and hard modes, while two other dungeons, the Ruinous Manor and Gossamer Vault, come back to play in hard or easy versions depending on which instance you dive in to.

The new patch will also introduce the first pieces of a new Kaia’s Soul Gear set, with weapons and armor arriving first in January and foot armor arriving with the next patch. This new kit is upgraded from Kaia’s Wisdom and Fury Gear, with the patch notes offering instructions on just what is needed to improve the equipment. Incidentally, gear upgrading is being made easier for vets and newcomers alike, with greatly increased enchant rates, significant reductions in material needs, and reductions in probability to failing an item and having it lose a level among other adjustments.

These updates are all well and good for players of TERA, but there’s also news for those who are looking to invest in the company that owns TERA as well: Krafton is nearly ready to go public on the stock market with an IPO offering in middle to late 2021 that could see the company’s value hit $27B. For comparison, Take-Two’s value sits at $22.6B and Bandai Namco is at $19.7B.


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