Trove is celebrating Hug Day with a mini community giveaway


Apparently, this coming Thursday is National Hug Day, a holiday that we really can’t celebrate with the gusto that it deserves for rather obvious reasons. That said, Trove has a solution: run a miniature community event full of digital hugs.

Players of the boxy MMO are encouraged to “take a picture in Trove that demonstrates how [they] express [their] love for [an] ally, mount or other players” and share the picture as a reply to the related forum thread between now and Sunday, January 24th. The screenshot must include elements from the game but can otherwise be edited in any way participants wish. Everyone that takes part in the event will be handed a free Heart-a-Phone, provided they meet a few easy requirements. It’s not much, but it’s something to show a bit of love and appreciation. Happy Hug Day, everyone!


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