Atlas Rogues tweaks visuals, stability, gear, and interface in today’s patch


One of the surprises of 2020 was the revelation that Gamigo was bringing back one of the Trion games it had previously sunsetted, sort of: It revived Atlas Reactor as a spinoff game called Atlas Rogues, which hit $15 early access in November. Unfortunately, as MOP’s own Chris chronicled, it wasn’t very… good. The gameplay and visuals were fine, but the controls were such a mess that we found it hard to recommend in its early access state, even though we were terribly glad to have it back.

So how is it going now? Better, we hope, now that the January patch is here.

“In the update, several critical bugs and crash issues were resolved and additional visual improvements as well as stabilization measures have been implemented. The freelancers received numerous improvements to their gear and character stats and the beloved K9 warhounds are back in the game. The UI has been updated and gameplay features are being improved in preparation for the next content drop. Amongst other things, various issues with the Exotic Gear have been resolved and some map terrains were fixed.”

The downside is that Rogues doesn’t seem to have attracted a huge community on Steam – here’s hoping it’s much bigger through Glyph.

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