Closers takes aim at new accounts with bonus currency

Attract mode.

The team behind Closers wants some new blood joining the game, and that means a new pair of events are now running for new accounts from now until February 16th. And what events might those be? What could help entice new players to try out the game? Bribery. Yes, these two new events are just for new players and they’re also all about bribing you with microtransaction currency to get you more invested. Hey, sometimes the direct approach works.

Players with new accounts who reach level 86 will receive 1000 N-coins (worth about $10) for use in the game’s cash shop. Similarly, players who purchase N-coins will receive an extra 20% added to their accounts as a free bonus with that first purchase. These two events are only available for new accounts created during the event window, so if you’re already playing you’re out of luck; everyone who is new, however, has a shot at getting some extra stuff for bribery.

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