Dauntless adds new Slayer’s Path nodes, new equipment chases, and a named Skraev hunt in latest update


There’s been a fresh patch applied to Dauntless, and while it doesn’t have the weight of a new Escalation, it does have a number of activities for players to strive towards, especially those on the endgame side of things.

Heading off the update list are some new Rumors that lead to two new pieces of gear: the Exquisite Sunburn sword and the Wreath of Shadows helm, which require parts from Flameborn Rezakiris or Shadowtouched Koshais respectively. For players that have unlocked Tier VI on the Slayer’s Path, there’s a new mission and quest that will task players with helping Linnea Silver, the Queen of Skaldeskar, fight against a dangerous Skraev named Kaltauga. Speaking of the Slayer’s Path, there have been five new nodes added to the weapon reforging section of the progression tree.

The update has also added a pair of event passes featuring some new frost-wreathed armor and cosmetics from 2019’s Burndown Hunt Pass, applied some performance adjustments, made some informational updates to the Hunt Map to provide clearer details of island difficulty and weapon breakdowns for Hunting Grounds islands, and added some bug fixes among other things. All of the salient details are provided in the patch notes.


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