Drake’s Odds: Survive is a multiplayer survival sandbox where you’re an alien on Earth


We’ve got plenty of survival sandbox games where players are a human trying to live on a hostile alien world, but what if instead players were the alien invaders arriving to Earth? That’s the basic premise of Drake’s Odds: Survive, an upcoming new multiplayer survival title that effectively is what happens when Rust or DayZ is combined with Destroy All Humans.

Gameplay in Drake’s Odds is similar to other survival sandboxes in that players have to craft things like weapons, bases, and other pieces of equipment, but there are a few twists to the formula: Players can mind control lifeforms and steer them into battle, collect knowledge points from enemy corpses to learn how to build objects and weapons, and fly a spaceship, using its tractor beam to drag characters and vehicles or fire lasers at foes, all of which plays out on a 64 square kilometer map.

Players can either work with or against one another, and gameplay sessions will run for a limited yet unspecified length of time before a server resets, but the ultimate goals are the same: survive, thrive, and launch your mothership to return to planet Exomon.

Drake’s Odds is eyeballing an early access release on PC for sometime in 2022. Until then, there’s an alpha gameplay teaser and a gallery of images below to possibly whet your Earthling dominating appetite.

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