Elite: Dangerous encourages players to choose the location of the Galactic Summit

Yum yum rocks.

The first Galactic Summit of the the three major galactic powers inĀ Elite: Dangerous is going to be happening soon, and players are getting involved via the game’s newest community goal. Both the Utopia commune and the Sirius Corporation have put forth bids to host the summit, and both are turning to player input for who will ultimately get the distinction.

How do you cast your vote? By bringing the faction of your choice data. A variety of different deliveries from Anomalous Bulk Scan Data to Unusual Encrypted Files may be delivered to one of the two locations, with total progress tracked separately for each candidate. Whichever accumulates more resources (or crosses a fixed threshold first) will be the host of the first summit, so if you have strong feelings about where the powers of the galaxy meet you should get into data delivery. The community goals are active for the next week.

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