It’s time to rock some long beautiful hair and Johto in Pokemon Go


Another day, another couple of Pokemon Go events – let’s get them on your radar!

From January 26th to 31st, players will be treated to the Johto Tour, with chances for Shiny Miltank and its blue goodness to appear. Entei will be spawning in 5-Star raids during the event, but then Raikou will take its place for five days, followed by Suicune for five as well. While this does coincide with Niantic’s previous hint at a “mystery” raid pokemon, it’s kind of a letdown, so as usual we’ve asked Niantic’s PR to clarify if this is indeed the pokemon it previously teased. We also noticed that the long-missing egg pokemon, Togepi, also wasn’t listed in the upcoming eggpool, so we’ve asked if this is intentional as well. Update 1/26: There have been verified reports that Togepi is in the 5km egg pool, so this may be the time to get hatching!

There is some good news about those previous Community Day pokemon that weren’t in this year’s round-up: Evolving pokemon into Meganium, Typhlosion, Ampharos, and Tyranitar during the event will ensure they receive their previous Community Day moves. Of those, Tyranitar is probably the highest priority, as it’s one of the best generalists against Team Rocket and quite useable in raids (don’t use it to defend gyms, please). Meganium and Typhlosion have their PvP uses, so if that’s you’re thing, you’ll want to get on that too. Sadly, as cool as it looks, Mega Ampharos just isn’t good, even just for boosting friends’ pokemon in raids.

Electric/Dragon Incense Day will run on Sunday, January 24th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. This may be the one and only time Mega Ampharos is useful, as you’ll get bonus candy from both its types caught during the event. Just make sure to get enough Mega Energy from raids before this, and maybe walk it during the event. It gets 25 Energy for every 5km you walk, which is the slowest generated Mega released so far (but still follows the 1km = 5 Energy rule we’ve seen).

For players who are having trouble finishing the Hoenn Collection achievement for the current event, the Incense Day Event may be the best way to fix that, as Bagon has been quite rare (though it will be during the event as well), plus Plusle and Minun will be spawns. The latter two pokemon are currently available only from the “Catch 11 Pokemon” Field Research quest for those of you who’ve burned incense trying to find them. Don’t worry, as the event will give three incense for a single coin. If all else fails for Bagon, pray you find a raid, as the Hoenn Event ends at 8 p.m. local time the same day!

Source: Niantic PR

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Sucks that you need friends and schedules to raid these big bosses. I’m still just a lowly guy, no legendaries, quite a few perfects leveled up, but its still hard to take down bosses with just the two of us.

Jaymes Buckman

Wait. Where does the hair come in?