Past Fate details work on professions, mounts, and new weapons as it zeroes in on next alpha test


While things have once more been quiet on the front of Past Fate, that doesn’t mean the devs at Icy North Games have been idle. That’s according to the latest Kickstarter update post, which outlines several changes being made to the game’s alpha build as well as a rough outline for when that next alpha test will be.

For those who backed the game hard enough to get a Direwolf mount, you’ll be happy to learn that work on it has completed and Steam keys for the item will be handed out soon. On the subject of mounts, both mounts and mounted combat are fully operational and will be added to the game for testing, along with world bosses and the game’s first open world dungeon, complete with its own story, quests, secrets, and bosses.

Additional work is being done as well, such as new weapon types with their own specific animations, initial work on fishing and cooking professions, and new models, new sounds and new features; there’s even the first new song added to the OST.

So when will all of this become playable? A hard date still isn’t available due to the devs having to orient a new hire as well as ensure there’s plenty of content, but once the latest update is available, the game will hold its third open alpha test one week after, which will run for four weeks. The team is eyeing this testing round for sometime in the first or second quarter of this year.

Just in case this game slipped your notice, Past Fate is an indie fantasy MMO that closed out a successful Kickstarter campaign in August 2020. Since then, the devs have been generally quiet but busy, with the last update offering up details on combat systems among other things.

source: Kickstarter
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