Star Citizen discusses creation of new enemy behavior, new armors, and a new big bomb for ships


Star Citizen saw fit to condense both November and December’s work into one monthly report this time around, which once again offers a recounting of progress already made and a number of looks at what’s cooking in the many, many ovens of CIG for the near future.

In the AI section we see some new on-foot enemy behaviors thanks to a hearing filter area system that effectively causes enemies to be deafened to attacks that are out of their hearing range, which looks to stop every mob in an entire base from swarming you when you take out one foe. Ship AI, meanwhile, saw progress on gas cloud awareness and stopped AI ships from losing their little minds and flying erratically when a target they were defending is destroyed.

In the art sections we get word on three new armor sets that are in the works for later this year, along with continued Pyro asset creation; continued improvement of planets; some further development of the Crusader Hercules; and word on some new on-foot weapons like an electron rile and new ship-based weapons including the Idris’ railgun and a new MOAB-style bomb.

Finally, the narrative section considered the lore implications of the newly elected Imperator of the UEE while also generating proposals for character needs in the persistent universe and discussing in-game mission events currently in development.

Those are some of the standout highlights, but as usual, there’s many more updates to read about.


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Joe Blobers

Pretty fun to read comments… Always seems there is no content, zero gameplay, no progress, only thousands $ ships but facts say the opposite: +200.000 new backers last year rounding up the total to 1.000.000 individual backers, each one having the possibility to buy thousands of others games not counting multiple new “triple-A” every years… but they choose to support and play SC alpha.

2021 is going to be a very interesting year with Icache, server meshing, Xenothreat, new planets and gameplay.


Every time they have a development update, it sounds like the game is two years from release. From the point that they give the update.

Maybe they should stop doing updates and the game will get completed?

Bruno Brito

If occupy white walls make a special gallery where you can pay 30 bucks to see star citizen concept art, it will still be more content for cheaper.

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Schlag Sweetleaf
chairman strangelove.jpg

Dang it, Schlag!

Don’t do this to me first thing in the morning!

No, keep doing it. It’s seriously good. :)


Damn it, Schlag you got me again.

(I have to remember not to be drinking anything and swallowing when I see your name as I’m scrolling down posts in a thread…)

Another great one; and I’m still a backer / supporter of Star Citizen.

(And for you youngsters who may not get what Schlag is referencing here; do a Google search on the film: “Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”.)


New enemy behaviours:

NPCs will now point and laugh at your $3,000 internet spaceship.