TERA’s PC version rolls out The Catalepticon dungeon today as Gameforge promises monthly updates

It’s patch day over in Gameforge’s version of TERA, which as of last fall encompasses all of the western PC players, not just the Europeans. You guys are gonna be blown away by what they named it: Build 102! Yeah, it probably could’ve used a better named based on what’s in it. So what’s in it? New gear, the new dungeon, a returning dungeons, and more:

“New Year, New Content: A brand new dungeon with no entry restrictions — The Catalepticon — and mythical equipment are all featured in Build 102 which you can now experience in TERA. Don’t forget to redeem your coupon now!

Test of Strength Without Limit: In the depths of The Catalepticon, you must face Lumikan. But be warned — armed with a lethal spear and deadly swords, she presents a formidable challenge to all who enter her domain. Best of all, this instance will be fully playable without a weekly limit!

Return to the Ruinous Manor: Strange plants overgrow the gardens of the Ruinous Manor, a gloomy mirror image of Lilith’s Keep. Inside, everything lies in decay and ruin. Prove your skill and strength in this returning dungeon!

New Equipment: Mythicize your existing equipment! The enchantment of existing items has never been easier! You can find the necessary materials in the dungeons or through PvP activities, or they can also be purchased from traders across the world of TERA.”

The coupon mentioned appears to be “FightLumikan,” and through February 7th it unlocks a stack of astral fragment, adventure coins, fashion coupons, and Exodor linen. Worth noting is that Gameforge is promising “monthly updates with new content” for the game.

Source: Patch notes, press release

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