The Daily Grind: Are there any PC MMOs you wish had a mobile app?


I kind of like the Admiralty system in Star Trek Online and I think I’d like it more with some mobile love. This might seem like a weird thing to wish for, since among certain contingents of players having anything to do with mobile is vile anathema, but the system is already low-impact enough that it’d be nice to just have access to it during idle downtime when I’m out and about. Heck, that’d free up more time in the game for actually doing things.

As mentioned, some people would prefer to have nothing remotely mobile involved with any MMO whatsoever, but I’m personally fond of the option to have some connectivity with mobile devices when possible. After all, we all do have cell phones, and while a lot of games don’t really work in the form of pure mobile clients it’s nice when you can do certain maintenance tasks without needing the full log-in experience. So are there any PC MMOs you wish had a mobile app of some kind?

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I’d go nuts for a “Warcraft GO” app where I could catch and level up my WoW battle pets around my real town.


Put me down for the “mobile crossover is vile anathema” mob, I’ve got a pitchfork already.

Cryptic tried to ram mobile stuff into their games, it was a buggy mess that started to break almost instantly. Then botters and gold farmers figured out how to tie into the API and create scripts which would (for example) do all the crafting for you, offline, all the time. Which is apparently a big chunk of why Cryptic removed the browser / mobile app for it, and then ripped out the crafting system in Neverwinter by the roots and made a totally new one.

Well that, and the new one consumes stuff you have to buy from the cash shop. Obviously.

Also, we all do NOT have cell phones. Not ones that can do anything game related. I do have a Kirk style Tracphone flip-phone. I keep it for emergencies. If there’s ever an emergency, I’ll turn on the phone.


Half the replies here are from people who only read the headline. If you had read the whole text, you would know that the question is not about playing the game as a mobile version.

Not going to name anything specifically but in general stuff like trading, tradeskills(crafting), chat, calender/events or preparation could be beneficial to have.


In general, no, I don’t enjoy mobile games at all and would rather not have an mmo designed that can also be played on a phone. That’s a game i would not play.

However, I do think it would be nice to have some mobile apps that tie into the game, even if you can’t directly play the game through the app.

For example, it would have been nice if there was an SWTOR app where we could manage our companions for crafting. This was hinted at during development of the game but nothing ever came of it.

I also think it would be great if mmos created a guild app, so that we could login via the app and see our guild, see event calendars, signup to events, check DKP (if it exists), and chat to other guildies or use it like a message board.

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Oh lawd…

POE – Trade app. No real interaction with players, just being able to buy/sell gear directly through the app to go into a dedicated stash tab so you can grab it when you log in next.

GW2 – Boss timer app, AH functionality, and the ability to tweak loadouts etc.

And…that’s about it right now. I’m playing a lot less MMO’s than I used to, and some of those I’m playing now wouldn’t really benefit (or would, but it would be at the cost of game design) from having an additional app.


Yea, EVE Online’s app which would allow you to play on same server as PC version would be useful. I don’t mean an app just to have market access or chat access in game, but fully functional game client app. FFXIV could also use an app to play on same server as PC and console users, especially with something like Razer Kishi. Or for someone who would rather carry something like small bluetooth keyboard, mouse and an adapter to connect phone to monitor or TV instead of carrying laptop.


Nope. I play zero games on phone or tablet.

There is a reason I spend thousands on a gaming PC; that is to play my games on said gaming PC.

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For Path of Exile the default app for planning builds is an app called Path of Building. However Path of building only works on a pc. There are exactly zero options to view pob links on any sort of mobile devices, phone or tablet (used to be one but that seems to be discontinued).

I would love a way to view path of building links on a tablet or otherwise convert pob links so that I can view them using the options that are available.


Nope I do not game on a phone.

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I’d like apps that cover the mundane or afk functions of an MMO. Using BDO as an example, an app that lets you feed/reset your workers, process mats, transport between storage, and maybe plant/tend/harvest crops—things that are largely passive activities that require you to just check in every now and then and make a few clicks. There’s no reason things like that couldn’t be made available via an app.