World of Warships’ Lunar New Year update includes controversial captain skills rework


This week, World of Warships dropped update 0.10.0, which includes events for the Lunar New Year, clan brawls, and a graphical update to the dragon port. The change bringing the biggest buzz, however, is the contentious captain skill system rework.

Longtime players will know that captain skills are used for customization of ship abilities, and over the years players have figured out the best builds for different types of ships. In order to shake things up a little, Wargaming has decided to update certain captain skills to make them more/less desirable to attempt to force more build diversity.

But players have complained that these updates (read: nerfs, in some cases) have made ships fundamentally less effective, including the premium ships that players have paid cash to own. While Wargaming is defending the updates as occurring across the board and not specific to a particular premium ship, the fact remains that premium ships with traditionally strong secondary builds are hit harder by a secondary skill nerf than a ship that was never designed to use secondaries to begin with. Now that the patch is live, players will have to determine for themselves whether the build diversity is worth the price of the captain skills they’ve grown used to.

For this year’s Lunar New Year, players can complete various combat missions that offer rewards such as containers that can include permanent camouflages and Pan-Asian ships. The final reward for completing all combat mission chains is the tier 6 destroyer, Anshan.

With this drop, clan brawls will be played in a 7v7 format and are playable by clans and non-clan players alike. Rewards for clan brawls include coal, credits, and elite commander experience.

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