WoW Classic starts testing a significant spell batch change


While WoW Classic players continue to hold their breath as to what Blizzard has planned for the legacy version of the game, they are seeing one significant change in the works. Right now on the test server, the studio is testing a change that takes the spell batch window from 400 milliseconds down to 10 milliseconds.

Spell batching is a way that World of Warcraft handles organizing and executing all of the incoming interactions from players (such as spells and skills). World of Warcraft back in 2004 had a longer spell batching window to allow for slower tech, where groups of spells would be executed simultaneously. So when Blizz made WoW Classic, it artificially reinstated this longer spell batch window to simulate how the game used to perform. As such, spell batching has been a hot-button topic ever since the MMO came out.

But once the next patch hits, spells are going to fire off in the order they were activated with a largely reduced chance of, say, two players’ abilities being processed simultaneously. This will have the biggest effect on WoW Classic’s PvP battlegrounds and PvE raids.


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I’m ok with this. I was never a big fan of the “No Changes!” philosophy. WoW Classic core gameplay could do with at least some modernizations.

For instance, I would like to see a Server Locked LFG tool. I know, I know. The Retail WoW LFG tool is one of the main reasons the game community has gone to the dumpster. But I think it is because the Retail WoW tool is not Server Locked. A Server Locked LFG tool would retain the same risk for bad behavior that manual group formation entails.

Probably never going to happen, but I do think the ability for new players to find dungeon groups would be very much enhanced since the majority of the population simply is no longer doing lower level dungeon. No LFR though; that tier of players is well populated.

Anyway, things move on. Any game play enhancements are very much welcome. :)