Crowfall seeks to make attributes more meaningful and customizable in its next update


Strength. Dexterity. Constitution. We all know attributes like these are the hallmarks of RPG characters. Most of the time they’re just numbers with varying but arguably mediocre effects on gameplay, but the devs of Crowfall are hoping to make those attributes more impactful with the arrival of update 6.400, as outlined in the first dev diary of 2021 by principal designer Rhea Shelley.

First, some of the stats that attributes affect are being moved around, with Dexterity helping mitigate physical damage, Spirit mitigating magical damage, and Constitution mitigating poison and disease damage as examples. Next, attribute caps for all races are being lowered to a maximum of 200, while vessels will now have lower attribute amounts but will be able to increase that cap over 200. Incidentally, attribute values are being lowered on jewelry and weapons and removed from armor completely.

With these adjustments, players will have 140 attribute points to spend instead of 60, and spending those points will have more of an impact: Spending a point on Constitution increases HP by 20 instead of by 8 while increasing Dexterity ramps up critical strike chance by 0.15% instead of 0.05% for example.

Finally, the stat bundles in Talent Trees are getting a major boost to make them more desirable, while their locations above and below the Minor Discipline slots will be replaced with new or previously available powers.

It all combines to try to make player choice more important and customization more impactful, according to Shelley. “With new powers in the Talent Trees, a wide array of Disciplines to choose from, and Attribute builds that make a difference, it’s now up to you to find the build that works for you,” he writes. “We want to make [attributes] a more meaningful part of customizing your Crow by giving them a greater impact and allowing players to have a bit more choice in how they build their character.”


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I liked Crowfall. The world pvp was intense and losing all your resources Eve-style made the battles very intense and volatile (was once part of a 4-guild Free For All, among the most intense PvP i ever did in an MMORPG).

But as long as they insist on the ‘no respec’ crap I will not go back or recommend it. The excuse of “player choice matters” feels like an insult, really.

I have made my choice, to spend time in the game and to go into the open world with my current spec; if i chose poorly, I will lose a lot of fights and resources. That’s why it matters; not because you make me waste time and go through the 4-hour grind to max level just to switch around 2 talent points.

I expect them to add respecs at some point. Hopefully, the cynic in me is wrong, and they won’t massively mess it up; by, say, placing respecs behind a cash shop with a ludicrous game-currency price.

Thin line, Crowfall.

Francis Baud

Yea respec is something that’s pretty important in MMORPGs relying heavilly on stats for character advancement. Could be a good idea to integrate it in Crowfall, if it doesn’t negatively interfere with the Crow / vessel systems.

Overall I’m not sure how those changes to attributes and caps will have an impact on gameplay but I guess it’s an improvement if they’ve put that much energy on the changes.