Final Fantasy XIV schedules the next live letter on February 5

And then, eventually, we go here.

The next letter from Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida is taking place on February 5th at 10:00 p.m. EST. If the timing on that sounds at least somewhat familiar, congratulations! You remember that this is the same date as the game’s announcement showcase that technically is announcing something as of yet unknown but we all know is going to be announcing the game’s next expansion, but the announcement showcase takes place an hour and a half beforehand. The letter, meanwhile, is covering the first preview of patch 5.5, which in and of itself suggests what we’re going to be learning about in the announcement showcase just before.

You know, if we didn’t all know already that it’s going to be an announcement of the next expansion. Ahem.

Meanwhile, the final ranking season for Ishgard restoration has concluded, with players having gained their final rankings and the last set of ranking players decided. Congratulations to those who earned titles on their servers!


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Vincent Clark

This will probably be the first live letter in some time that I don’t watch “live”. We’re staying up late over here in the UK for the Announcement Showcase (obviously), but I don’t know if I can stay up the whole night just to catch the live letter early Saturday morning.

I guess I could always take a disco nap during the day? :)