Neverwinter’s latest update on PC introduces a major rework to ratings, item level, and stats


The big-scale combat rework for Neverwinter has officially gone live on PC, bringing with it some major changes to how ratings, item levels, and stats work on characters, along with some patch notes that are probably the most number-heavy and deepest the game has ever seen.

This rejiggering is meant to improve scaling, make it easier to understand how ratings affect stats, make item level more accurate, make it easier for players to choose the right gear, and make it possible for players to either make creative character builds or min/max as they see fit. The notes then leap into a deep dive on how changes to ratings, item level, stat percentages, equipment, companions, and boons among other things play into the system and enhance character power.

Players that log in to Neverwinter after this update will notice a few things are changed for their character as well: Total item level will be higher, stats may be a little different, players will have a free respec, and there will be Bonding Runestones in their inventory that can be exchanged in Protector’s Enclave.

These adjustments are in-depth and wide-reaching, so make sure to look through the patch notes for more, or check out the video embed below which also breaks down these new adjustments.


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