PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds a new reputation system with patch 10.2


There’s a lot of stuff that’s been added in the latest patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. For example, there’s a new coupe for players to drive around the battlefield within, and new tricks you can pull whilst riding around on dirtbikes. There are changes to ranked play, to boot. But what’s going to grab the most eyes is the addition of a new reputation system that gauges how toxic a player is, ranging from a ranking of five (least toxic) to zero (really awful).

Yes, that was an episode of Black Mirror, but there it was extended outside of the realm of video games. Good call, though.

Increasing your rank is as simple as queueing up reliably for matches, and that’ll naturally increase your ranking over time. Leaving prematurely, being reported, and the like will all decrease your ranking, however. The reputation is also visible while forming matches, so players with lower reputation can’t hide from being stuck at lower numbers. It’s certainly a solid approach to starting at fighting toxicity; all that remains is to see how it works in practice.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku

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As PUBG’s mass banning sprees have shown us, there is no way this feature will be abused at all, and will certainly not create a whole new tide of social media dramas.



I forgot this game once rivaled fortnite…