Shadow Arena offers compensation, flips hero Venslar from offense to support


Shadow Arena isn’t letting its low population counts stop it: Pearl Abyss is plunging on with updates anyway.

Earlier this month, we covered a major update to the Black Desert battle royale spinoff that actually appeared to be a de-battle-royalification of the game, as the 40v40 matches were replaced with 3v3 arena matches with the third season of the beta. “We are striving to transform the ‘foundation’ of Shadow Arena, but we are also fighting against the physical constrain of time,” the company said of the overhauls back in December.

The most recent update focuses on Venslar, a bespectacled redhead who used to be an offensive toon but is now a support hero through and through.

“Her new skillset will enable players to increase DP of themselves as well as allies, recover allies’ HP, and increase Attack Speed and Movement Speed. The unique characteristic of the original Venslar, which is to switch between attack and defense stances, is maintained. Venslar can block attacks from enemies while supporting her allies and chase down the opponents to make quick attacks. Thanks to these abilities, players can become more strategic when it comes to fighting in a team-based battle. In addition, the Item Preset feature has been updated to increase player convenience. Players can now purchase a desired item immediately using a shortkey without visiting the in-game shop.”

Definitely check out the patch notes as they include much more than the Venslar do-over. Players should also note that PA has sent all existing accounts 1000 silver in compensation “for the inconvenience you may have experienced” over the course of the upheaval of the game these last months, but you have only a week (through January 29th) to access it, so do that sooner rather than later.

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