Skyforge is selling new Nintendo Switch founder pack bundles prior to launch


Skyforge is getting a nice boost of coverage and publicity thanks to its imminent launch on the Nintendo Switch. is taking advantage of this increased interest by putting a trio of founder’s packs up for sale on the Switch store.

While you’ll have to go to the Switch store to see the actual pricing, the studio did post the bundle offerings. The starter, deluxe, and ultime bundles come with a variety of goodies, including premium subscription time, legendary weapons, titles, wings, class unlocks, and even a glider.

The best part of all of these packs is that any purchasers get a two-day headstart, meaning that they can log in and get to leveling on February 2nd instead of the actual launch day of February 4th. The game can be pre-loaded onto the console next week on January 27th.

Source: Skyforge

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Kevin Smith

Save your money and stay away from this. It can be fun, but unless you have a full group to play with you will run into a brick wall when you hit junior god. Your progress will come to a complete halt. It’s really sad, I played for a long time when it first launch then went back to the PC version about a month ago. Even being in a pantheon it is hard to find people to run stuff other than spamming chat over an over. No one uses the group finder. The devs are just trying to get every little bit of money they can at this point. Again the game can be fun, but making progress rely on group activity only after a certain point in a game that already had a declining player base is a bad decision. If you are an elder god it isn’t that hard as you can solo the content but as junior an below you will require a full group for most.