Star Citizen shows off some new planet modification tools and lays out general plans for space combat


Star Citizen’s weekly video series has come back online once again, and this week’s episode moves from showing off yet another tool to discussing broad-stroke plans for ship-to-ship combat moving in to 2021.

The first half of the video grants a look at some new toys that let the devs modify the surfaces of planets, whether its tools to create hills, valleys, and flat surfaces, or tools to automatically generate rivers on planets. The demonstration stresses that these tools are still very early and need a bit more refinement, particularly in regards to river generation to account for appropriate vegetation that would spring up around rivers, but it at least offers a “programmer’s take” on the new tech.

The second half of the video talks up the annual “combat summit” that sees devs from several related teams at CIG outline their plans for dogfighting going into the year. One point of discussion was the use of capacitors, with plans to make them apply more of an impact in a fight, while another point is about weapons; the devs note here that they’re not attempting to create a meta so much as have each weapon feel different and have a different role in space combat, which in turn leads into ship roles being more defined as well.

source: YouTube
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