Fortnite adds the Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor as latest in long list of S5 cash shop cameos


Sheesh, we look away from Fortnite for just a few minutes, diverted by Epic Games buying shopping malls and continuing to fight Apple and Google, and find out that the game’s turned into the Smash Bros. of battle royales. This realization arrives thanks to the addition of the Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor to the game’s item shop, which is just the latest in a long line of cameos from… well, everything.

The T-800 and Connor skins come with their own unique goodies like Back Blings and a Combat Knife, while additional Terminator-themed goodies like a Techno-Grip Axe and Cyberdyne Salute emote are also available in the game’s item store. Worth noting is that the salute was originally advertised as being part of the bundle but it separate, and if you feel tricked, you can get a refund, as Epic Games apologized for the mix-up.

These two new skins and related item bundles are the most recent additions to the bounty hunter-focused Season 5, which readers will recall first launched with The Mandalorian in tow. Since then, Fortnite has been piling on the cross-media synergy, adding Kratos, Master Chief, and Daryl Dixon and Michonne to the item store as well as adding the Predator to the Battle Pass.

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