Blue Protocol shows off the quick-access shortcut bar in another Twitter tease

This had better not have changed.

When will Blue Protocol be released over here? We have no idea, it’s not even released yet in its native Japan. But the team continues to tease game features via Twitter as it moves through testing, and while the last teases were all about action combat, this is more about access to useful interactions and items alike via the game’s quick shortcut ring. Players will now be able to bind not just phrases and gestures but items to the ring, making it far more useful in combat.

There will also be a variety of different sets available, so players can switch between sets as needed if, say, you’re doing solo content and need to be able to greet people or you’re in a group and rely upon directing people to specific locations. Certainly a useful tease, although it’s surely not the release date information curious onlookers would like.

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