TitanReach shows off more character and weapon models, shares new music, and crafts an account system


What’s one of the most important features in an MMO? Is it the combat? The leveling experience? How classes interplay with one another in a group? No, arguably the single most important feature is being able to actually log in to the game with your account, and luckily Titan Reach’s latest development update post announces that players will get to do just that.

Titan Reach now has an account linking system that connects website accounts to the actual game itself, provided players have bought in to early access. Incidentally, accounts will be able to have a total of five characters by default and can only play one character at a time “for the time being.”

The update post shares additional work being done to the game, with another round of character model and clothing showcases, a look at a variety of new weapons and tools, some initial UI designs for things like friends lists, skill details, and cosmetics, and a pair of new musical tracks for boss fights and peaceful open world moments.

As a refresher, Titan Reach is a developing “social” “old-school” MMO that fell short of its $430,000 Kickstarter goal in 2020. The devs at Square Root Studios told MOP that it planned to head to a fixed-funding Indiegogo campaign that has yet to materialize, but the studio did open its own storefront in a desperate-sounding attempt to keep the project alive.

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