Wild Terra 2 improves chat and makes player characters into feudal lords


It must be nice to be a feudal lord. You get a starting set of quests, for example, and you begin on the beginner island instead of just spawning in a field. What? Is that not what you thought feudal lords were all about? Because it’s what being a feudal lord means in Wild Terra 2, which divides player characters between feudal lords and peons with its latest patch. Most notable is the fact that peons cannot lay claim to land, with only one feudal lord permitted per account, although your peon alts can settle on the land your feudal lord character has claimed.

Players can also explore the new chat system, which has been completely redesigned into a tab system with notifications as you move between different tabs of interaction. There’s also the option to resize and move the log windows as you wish. Check out the full rundown of changes before firing the game up if you’re curious to see how the game progresses through its testing – and know that early access is set to begin later this week.

Source: Steam

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Is this a neat idea? I kind of think it is, but I don’t trust myself. Having your main, but also having your alts where it’s a bit more difficult and then it sort of requires you to participate in a feudal system, seems like a good way to bounce between characters when one is boring.


It doesn’t sound like a character setup I’d want to try. But I’m one of those weirdos that makes 35 different characters in a single game, and NONE of them is a “main.”


I mean, I’m that person too, but I also played a ‘single’ character on an account on a sandbox game (Which from what I’ve read, this game is…basically.) for over 4 years, so it’s kind of different when you can skill everything on one character and not have to move to another character to try something else. It’s one reason I enjoyed FFXIV’s jobs system also…didn’t leave you feeling no attachment/personality to your characters…I’ve glanced at this one a few times, but the only reason I’ve not tried it is because it’s mainly a Steam game and I refuse to get a steam account. I would need to look around to see if it could be acquired elsewhere, and since it also has open PvP from what I’ve read, I haven’t really invested the effort…because I’m not into that…