Wild Terra 2 improves chat and makes player characters into feudal lords


It must be nice to be a feudal lord. You get a starting set of quests, for example, and you begin on the beginner island instead of just spawning in a field. What? Is that not what you thought feudal lords were all about? Because it’s what being a feudal lord means inĀ Wild Terra 2, which divides player characters between feudal lords and peons with its latest patch. Most notable is the fact that peons cannot lay claim to land, with only one feudal lord permitted per account, although your peon alts can settle on the land your feudal lord character has claimed.

Players can also explore the new chat system, which has been completely redesigned into a tab system with notifications as you move between different tabs of interaction. There’s also the option to resize and move the log windows as you wish. Check out the full rundown of changes before firing the game up if you’re curious to see how the game progresses through its testing – and know that early access is set to begin later this week.

Source: Steam
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