EVE Online player’s ashes take last voyage into space as CCP Games adopts ‘gaming genius’ label


Members of the EVE Online community were saddened back in 2019 as they lost one of their own: Bruce R. “Spike” MacPhee aka Paradox Olbers, who passed away at the age of 72. But there’s cause to salute the skies this week. As communicated by famous EVE player Charles White aka the Space Pope, MacPhee’s ashes were conveyed into space with last weekend’s SpaceX launch, meaning that his last voyage was literally on a rocket into space where he wanted to be. I’m not crying, you’re crying. o7

There’s more EVE Online news this week: CCP Games recently released its December 2020 economic report, plans a mass test on Singularity at noon EST today, and has previewed its upcoming fleet discovery mechanics.

But the most amusing bit might be the fact that CCP Games was profiled in a recent report on Iceland in Foreign Policy through Prisma Reports. The kicker is that it’s a sponsored piece, meaning it’s essentially paid advertising, presumably from some combination of the industries, universities, companies, and government bureaus (like the rather motivated Iceland Chamber of Commerce) profiled. CCP’s sponsored section literally calls CCP a “gaming genius,” which is unfortunate since the brief questions-and-answers touch on CCP’s exit from the VR industry, the diverse backgrounds of the devs, and the influence Icelandic sagas had on the game’s art design.

Source: Press release, Twitter

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CCP a “gaming genius”…

Considering their track record of abandoning or shutting down practically anything / everything they’ve attempted since the original EvE Online (including games bas ed in and on the EvE online IP…

Gaming Grave Diggers…


Gaming Sunsetters…

Would seem more accurate.


I played eve sense 2007 but I never heard about any of these people you named. Anyway it´s always sad to see people go and im glad he´s got just shame he died before it happen.