Animal Crossing New Horizons returns with series staple Mardi ‘Festivale’


A festivale’s coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but please, keep your shirts and pants on. ACNH‘s version of Mardi Gras involves a peacock, feathers, and new emotes, including some dances, finally! It’s no Shrunk Funk Shuffle, but hopefully, it means we’re closing in on it.

The new reactions will be available from the Nooklings’ shelf for some bells, so don’t go spending all your money before then! During the event, catch some feathers to get Pave to dance for you, but be on the look out for rare Rainbow feathers to trade the peacock, probably for some furniture.

Speaking of furniture, the Sanrio x Animal Crossing collab amiibo cards are making an appearance in North America for the first time (or being reprinted for readers in Japan and Europe). Sadly, you can’t invite the crossover villagers to your game, but you can get Sanrio themed posters from them. Card packs will exclusively be at Target stores for $5.99 starting March 26th.

For you Valentine’s Day lovers, don’t worry, as Nook and Able’s stores will have lovey-dovey and chocolate-themed items available from February 1st through 14th. There will also be Groundhog’s Day and “Big Sports Game” themed stuff too. 1/27 Update: Seems Lunar New Year will be represented as well!

Finally, for consistency’s sake, there is still no announcement on the series staple collectible musical weirdos, the gyroids. Please, please Nintendo, we need these! Badly. Another free patch is coming in March, which we know will include a Mario-theme, but we’ve reached out to Nintendo’s PR about our gyroid friends, as well our coffee-slingin’ owl bud, Brewster, and will update if we learn more.

Source: Press release

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This is by far and away the most played game in my house, which is ridiculous because it’s not terribly fun but it’s just so damn charming.

Clearly, this game needs to resonate with other game developers like blizzard. Non-combat mechanics can be compelling.

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Sean Barfoot

Really happy with all the updates, but man I’d love something big like the coffee shop to come too.

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Chris Neal

I miss Brewster nerding out over coffee.