Black Desert PC adds new chicken chasing quests, opens Western transfers from Kakao

Keep going.

As sure as the sun will rise and set, the latest update to Black Desert on PC has added a bunch of new events and quests. This time around, though, they don’t really have any overarching theme as the headline alludes to, unless you tell a story where your character rides their horse to earn XP, catches a chicken, then cooks it over a cozy fire. But that’s a stretch.

Back on task: Some of the new events added offer up a 50% boost to mount skill and training XP between now and February 9th; some special drops harvested from monster slaying, fishing, and gathering that can be crafted to make a Warm Cozy Fire item that can be opened for one of several rewards; and a refreshed daily login campaign with more goodies for simply showing up.

As for chicken chasing, that’s a new repeatable quest at Bartali Farm, where players must crouch and carefully stay near a chicken, wait for it to lay up to two eggs (which can be gathered for rewards as well as possibly be golden), and then catch a chicken and return it for even more egg rewards and contribution XP.

The update notes point out other things going on as well, like the graduation quest for the winter season server, adjustments to class summoned creatures’ AP to match their corresponding class’ AP, and some new Core Awakening skills for the Nova among other updates.

Finally, as we reported at the end of last year, Pearl Abyss is reclaiming publishing rights in North America and Europe from Kakao, which has run the game in those regions for the last five years. “This means Pearl Abyss will control publishing rights for the entire Black Desert franchise on all platforms, including current and next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices, excluding the South America region,” Pearl Abyss says. Apparently, the switchover date has now been set for February 25th, and yes, it will require action on your part if you want to keep your account.

“Adventurers who transfer their account before February 24 can look forward to additional rewards including many Cron Stones, different types of Exchange Coupons, Combat & Skill EXP scrolls, and a Limited-Edition title Now or Nouver. Additional login rewards also will be made available on this date. The most coveted reward adventurers will look forward to is a cute, limited edition Tier-4 Pet.”

source: official site (1, 2, 3). Cheers, Hikari!
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