Fallout 76’s new patch gives you more room for your junk

This waste was made by you and me.

The life of a wasteland scavenger is a hard one, with killer mutants, radioactive pools, and cannibals ready to ruin your day. But the greatest hardship, bar none, is not having enough room for all the great stuff you find during your trips.

That’s why this week’s Fallout 76 patch is a wonderful gift to all of the residents of the game, as it increases the STASH (bank) storage size by 50%. This “inventory update” increases the STASH limit to 1200 pounds, adds a trio of inventory tabs for better organization, and shows the weight of a full stack of items.

It’s also easier to figure out where to go shopping in the game: “The tooltip that appears when you’re previewing another player’s vending machines on the map will now show the number of 1-, 2-, and 3-star legendary weapons and armor they’re selling. This way, you’ll have more information about the legendary goodies players are selling before you choose to fast travel to their C.A.M.P.s.”

Source: Fallout 76

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Good stuff. Also there’s a mini-event of sorts where you get a free weapon skin for a Pipe Wrench (it literally covers your pipe wrench in a bouquet of flowers and you can see the wrench still hiding among the flowers) and then go bashing enough heads with it to daily get a lunchbox, repair kit, or perk card pack + a costume or other goody for completing the weekly challenge of killing X enemy types with it (right now it’s kill 30 robots with the wrench to get a RobCo t-shirt).

Stuff like that’s pretty cool and I hope they do more silly shenanigans like that in the future.


So is 76 worth playing yet? I’ve heard nothing but bad about it, but I’ve been playing through Fallout 4 the last few days and it’s such a great game. My emotional side is hoping 76 is of the same caliber, but my logical side is pouring on the skepticism.



Yes it’s worth a try. If you really want, wait ’til it’s on sale. Might go on discount during the Steam lunar sale or something.

John Mclain

“Fallout 76’s new patch gives you more room for your junk”

Yay! Everyone gets bigger pants… oh wait…

Dug From The Earth

Now if they could fix the super obnoxious specular lighting maps in the game that were introduced with Wastelanders. Everything is always super reflective and shiny. Even things like cardboard boxes, wooden doors, cloth wrapping around the barrel of your shotgun, etc etc. Dont even TRY to hang overhead lighting in your camp/base because it will make the floor look like its a pit into the void.


But it’s so shiny! And it makes every outfit look like latex! Don’t you like latex outfits? :P

Vanquesse V

… and have the engine not break anytime you go above 60fps…
But besides that, these are some really nice QoL changes