Habbo Hotel developer Sulake is fully bought out by gaming and adtech firm Azerion

Woke up, got out of bed

It’s time for some games business news that may or may not be good for Habbo Hotel! The multiplayer social game’s developer Sulake has been fully bought out by Azerion, which recently purchased the final remaining shares from the game’s only other sole investor.

Azerion is a pan-European firm that specializes in gaming and adtech. As a point of reference, Azerion had already purchased a 51% controlling stake in Sulake back in 2018. The partnership has reportedly been beneficial to the company’s fiscal growth, earning 46% more revenue between January 2019 and December 2020.

According to Azerion, “nothing will change for the Sulake game communities as a result of this acquisition” while Sulake will retain its 96 employees and continue to operate from its Helsinki office. Player response doesn’t seem to be so hopeful, as Redditors have reacted with a mixture of dread, skepticism, and assumptions that life in Habbo will simply continue to get worse.

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