World of Tanks rolls out Italian heavy tanks as Wargaming’s infringement lawsuit is dismissed in California


We’ve got three World of Tanks and Wargaming stories to truck through this afternoon.

The Blitz lawsuit: First, Wargaming had apparently filed a California lawsuit against Blitz Team (now called Press Fire Games), which itself was made up of members of the original World of Tanks: Blitz team. Wargaming had argued that its ex-employees had stolen source code for their own game and violated trademark law by using the word “blitz” in their original studio name. While suits in Belarus and Cyprus apparently continue, the judge presiding over the California case has now dismissed it, largely for jurisdictional reasons, given that both are overseas companies and suits in their home countries would better serve all involved -= although as GIbiz reports, Wargaming has “already lost five lawsuits in Belarus.” In the meantime, however, the new game, Battle Prime, is still in limbo.

World of Tanks: Live this week in the seminal tank MMO is the first update of the year.

“Update 1.11.1 brings a new sub-branch of Italian heavy tanks with an improved autoreloading mechanic to the game. The updated Platoon system will allow you to find gaming buddies easier (without being limited to friends and contacts), and a few interface improvements make the gameplay even more enjoyable. […] Along with the new branch, four sets of battle missions are being introduced, each one dedicated to a separate tank in the sub-branch and giving out an Ancient Roman-themed emblem, inscription, and decal as rewards, with the Rinoceronte set also yielding the Testudo Formation 2D style.”

World of Tanks Console: Finally, the console edition of the game is prepping for its seventh birthday (seven, what the heck, where did the time go???). It’s opened up the Winter Warriors Season with gobs of rewards for players.


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