Cubox is a blocky open-world MMORPG mixture of building, crafting, and fighting


What do you get when a game smashes together elements from Minecraft, Diablo, Tibia, and Don’t Starve? You apparently get something like Cubox, at least by the lone developer’s own reckoning.

This self-described stew of games offers up a blocky open world for players to explore, craft, and build in, with open-world PvP, battle royale arenas, plenty of monsters or bosses to fight, materials to gather, and equipment to create and upgrade. Cubox doesn’t have classes, but different weapon types have different features; rods can destroy the environment and deal small areas of damage, one-handed swords are fast and let players hold a shield but deal less damage than the slower but more powerful two-handed swords, and bows offer medium amounts of damage and (naturally) range.

Cubox currently has no release date, but there is a Discord to join and, of course, a Steam page to follow along with development or add to your wishlist if one is so inclined.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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You mean … like SkySaga? But looking bad?


I like this kind of paper doll that shakes its head while moving around, it kind of new gen of mmo that is different feel.

2Ton Gamer

The characters look like these little paper characters we would wrap around eggs at Easter that came with the little boxed dye set, lol.

Whatsit Tooya

Why anyone would want to recreate Tibia’s PvP mechanics is beyond me. “Pour all your time (or money) into this grind, so you can be the bully.” Challenging, interesting PvP in these games has to be specifically coordinated.