Dual Universe offers up a detailed look at its upcoming mission system


Making money in Dual Universe requires a bit more legwork than most MMO players might be used to, particularly since traders need to haul their items to specific markets to sell. That’s being fixed with the upcoming mission system, which seeks to not only help merchants focus on creating products but also help new players make some bank, encourage player traffic (as well as piracy), and help organizations coordinate an internal network.

At the very heart of the mission system is the Job Forum, where players can either take on developer-created “Aphelia” jobs or post and take up personalized hauling missions that are either open to all or org-specific. These jobs have specified start/end points, required escrow paid by the job taker as collateral, a time limit, and a reward, all of which are enforced by the mission system.

Players are encouraged to exercise caution, however, as personal job requests are declarative and non-binding, while those who decide to abuse the Job Forum to draw sheep to slaughter are also advised to be careful since there will be a ratings system that lets others rank mission creators and responders on a scale of zero to five. “Sure, you can scam sweet, trusting little lambs for a time, but eventually you’ll be the one to pay the price,” warns the post.

This mission system is focused on trading in the interim, but other mission types are planned to be added later including taxi missions, SOS calls, and formalized PvP missions as well. For now, those who are looking for some potentially risky space trucking will soon have options.


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