Elder Scrolls Online starts testing Oblivion-themed dungeons


With this week’s official announcement of Elder Scrolls Online’s 2021 roadmap, the Gates of Oblivion-themed year has begun. While we have a while to wait before Blackwood arrives, the first batch of Oblivion content is already on the test server.

ZeniMax posted the patch notes for Update 29, which is divided up between the paid DLC dungeons (Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron) and a batch of free stuff. Said free stuff includes an update to the champion point system, passive bonuses from armor, and several housing improvements. Now, players will be able to fast travel outside of their homes, which automatically makes ZeniMax studio of the year in this author’s opinion.

And if you can’t even bear waiting for that patch to come, then distract yourself with the Midyear Mayhem PvP event which is running through February 9th: “During this action-packed event, you can earn bonus rewards when battling your fellow players in PvP activities, including double XP and alliance points and event-specific collectibles, achievements, and titles.”


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So apparently the expansion is gonna add companions and romances? Man, I need to clear out some gaming projects and spend a huge chunk of time catching up and still being awful at the game but enjoying myself. I’ve dipped back in a bit recently now that my computer can run it at high settings again and while I’m lost and confused and basically just clearing out zones of “stuff to do” with no regard for the story, I usually end up enjoying myself.

Probably time to sub back up sooner or later, at least for the harvesting bag, so I can nab a few of the DLC’s permanently. Though thinking about it…I’ve got Morrowind/Summerset to play through that I don’t think I’ve touched, much less Elsweyr or Greymoor.

Damn man, as an outsider ESO feels like one of the bloody best supported MMO’s around right now, alongside FFXIV. Seems like they’re sticking with the 3 DLC’s and 1 expansion per year, and that’s damned solid and impressive that they’re keeping that up year after year.


Romances yes, but not initially. At their release with the blackwood expansion they will be combat buddies with a skill tree to progress through on them. They are also upgrading the hardware (though I dont remember if it was with update 29 or Blackwood) so that should improve overall performance.

I’ve been playing MMOs since Everquest, and ESO has an impressive amount of overwhelming content. Thats a good problem to have. I’ve been playing ESO for about 7 years now and I STILL find things I never knew about. Still don’t have a max CP character. Still havent even done the main storyline.

Its truly a thempark sandbox where you can do what you want, when you want with who you want.

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I just started to get my head around the current champion points system and it’s now changing, DARN IT! Oh well I expect I will figure the new one out in about 3 years or right before they revamp them again.

I have watched a few folks reactions on YouTube and they are generally in favour of the changes so far so it seem to be a good thing for most folks who are not me, hehe


The problem with the existing CP system is it was constant vertical progression which led to (among other things) being so powerful that the questing content was a push over, which is what Im hoping this fixes. But it also created a gap between new players and veteran players.

the new CP system coupled with the changes to armor I believe will open up the game. It moves to a more horizontal progression that looks like it will allow you to play what you want without being excluded from content.

Today for all intensive puproses you CANNOT play a hybrid build and do endgame content and that was the way CP and armor worked. With the update it is making them viable and opens up new crazy custom builds that could potentially also deliver DPS thus making them viable reasons to play.

Now I’ve always advocated that you cannot mix PvE and PvP in the same game because they have opposing goals. PvE usually prefers unique customizations while PvP usually wants balance.

Not sure how these changes are going to affect PvP and if the PvP community will dislike it or adapt.

But thats what makes it fun right?