Neverwinter buffs Wizards and fixes some scaling issues in latest patch


For the record, we love Neverwinter’s patch numbering system because what schoolyard chum won’t be gushing about how much he or she loves “Patch NW.123.20210105a.8?”

In any case, Patch NW.123.20210105a.8 is indeed here, and Patch NW.123.20210105a.8 will delight and awe you with its offerings. Notably for people still upset over the recent combat rebalance, there are item level changes for Merchant Guild Hall, Nest Egg, and Orc Barracks instances. Plus, “content that scales players up to 30,000 Item Level now properly scales down to 36,000, reduced from 40,000,” PWE says.

This update has a little bit of everything, including fixes for a couple of companions, and a beatdown to the Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal artifact, which apparently was a little too broken in its benefit. The Wizard class is seeing the most improvements with world-renowned Patch NW.123.20210105a.8. Their arcane singularity, evocation, icy terrain, and magic missile abilities have all been buffed by a good amount.

Source: Neverwinter

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I’ve always wanted to like this game but everyone I’ve played it with (and I) agreed it was just way too easy. When you never die in the first 20 levels of the game, something is missing.

After reading the complaints, I’ve actually become more interested in checking it out if there is actually a challenge now.


Wow, it’s actually worse after today’s patch, which is quite the achievement. I’ve rarely seen such a level of arrogant incompetence in a live service. It’s mind-boggling that whoever’s in charge is, well, still in charge.

I have two months of VIP left but I’ve pulled the trigger on a 3 month sub for ESO instead.

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Richard de Leon III

Ive been wary on logging in to check…its that bad? :(


It seems to depend on your level, class, and how much you’ve got built up in the way of companions, mounts and enchants. I can’t progress either of my characters much at all at the moment.


I just logged in and checked. None of my characters are at the level cap, none have “elite” or CStore gear. The game is completely unplayable, and attacking even small groups of critters resulted in basically immediate death.