Phantasy Star Online 2 preps new Luster class for February 3 update


Still waiting for the arrival of New Genesis? SEGA is dropping some new content in Phantasy Star Online 2 to tide you over. Well, new to the global edition, anyhow.

Coming on February 3rd is a brand-new class, along with a level bump to 100, new quests, upgraded training for risk realm, a new summoner pet, and Episode 6, Chapter 6 of the ongoing epic story quest. The class is a scion class called Luster.

“The new Luster Class introduces a high-speed class equipped with Gunblades and features three combat styles: Zandi Style, Fomel Style, and Baran Style,” the company says. “To tackle this class, players must have attained at least level 75 on two different classes. Lusters can shoot an Evasion Shot, which allows them to fire off a ranged attack while moving and become invulnerable for a brief period following firing.

“The diverse Gunblade allows for close and ranged combat making the Luster deadly at any range and truly versatile in combat. Players can expend Luster Gunblade Focus and activate enhanced actions through defeating enemies; enhanced actions include Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Shot, and Enhanced Arts. There are four notable Luster Class skills: Luster Voltage, Luster Counter, Luster Sidestep Guard, and Bonus attack.”

Source: Press release

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