Star Trek Online’s House Reborn update sees the highest level of player numbers since 2018

Stay specced.

This year’s anniversary event for Star Trek Online bet big on the Klingons with new Klingon episodes, Klingon recruitment, and a Klingon-themed anniversary ship. Turns out that was a good bet, as the team announced on Twitter that the game saw its best player numbers since 2018’s Victory is Life update. That’s pretty darn good for the title, especially after 2020 wasn’t exactly bad for the game (here’s an interview placing things in a bit more context, although it’s still shy on definite numbers).

The successful launch has prompted the team to already announce that the next major meta-event prize will allow players to choose any lockbox ship for their very own, rather than a free cash shop ship; the unlock will be just for one character, but it’s still a major change. Players who feel charitable in the wake of that can get a pair of ships by donating to the Boys and Girls Club of America via a new promotion, as well.


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Hikari Kenzaki

Recruitment events are always popular. I still don’t understand why they didn’t do one for Discovery.

The Victory is Life and Agents of Yesterday events were super fun. The KDF one is quite a bit more grindy, focusing on melee kills and endeavors, but still gives some good stuff early on.

Shots of the new scaling, upgradeable bat’leth (don’t lose it cause I’m unsure if it can be reclaimed) and the T6 Disco Bird of Prey (with TOS D7 skin). Both are earned early on in the recruitment event (the BoP is from the first mission of the second story arc).


Off topic – it always annoyed me how unevenly the writing treated returning minor characters, especially kids of the original cast.

Miral Paris: Gets several major story arcs (although at least one is now part of the “lost missions” that you can take but only if you can find them) and is a central character in the story. Also, she’s the most important Chosen One other than the main character. (And in the Iconian War, her dad is pretty much “Wait, hold it, stop the war! We need to pull over and let my kid get out.”)

Worf’s kid: gets mentioned in a couple of missions and then takes a bullet because somehow Klingons think ritually (and literally) turning your back on a known traitor is a good idea.

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I wonder how much of that is due to the game’s slowly increasing prestige – or the desire of the actors to participate.

In the early days with Miral, the only authentic Trek actor they had was Leonard Nimoy. Now, after building their playerbase and the rebirth of the franchise, they have access to any member of the cast who’s interested and they can afford. (Of course, they have a financial interest in tying in to the currently airing series.)