Fallen Earth sees ‘significant pre-production,’ APB Reloaded gets a marketing push


The small studio of Little Orbit has a whole lot on its plate for 2021, starting with the recent early access launch of Unsung Story, a tactical RPG. But of particular interest to us is the studio’s recent mentions of both Fallen Earth and APB Reloaded.

As for the post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott said that “significant pre-production” has been done for Fallen Earth but that it’s not yet in current development. “I’m very aware of how small our studio is. We need to clear more bandwidth,” Scott said. “We haven’t given up on it. Just focusing on getting some of our titles shipped before we jump into full production.”

The crime spree APB Reloaded received a lot more information thanks to a 2021 Roadmap that Little Orbit put out this month. There’s a lot on the docket for APB this year, including a marketing push, the launch of the new engine with Update 2.1, better console builds, crossplay, and an improved new player experience.

“The launch of APB 2.1 needs to be accompanied by real marketing,” Scott wrote. “This is an area that I have been holding back since we took over because I felt it would be a waste of money to attract players to a game that just wasn’t ready for them. We now have a detailed marketing plan with budgets, large partners, and targets.”


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Sang Fe

I miss my Wastelands, the clones, the grit and dirt, random corpses on the side of the road, sometimes mine. Please bring Fallen Earth back. Pretty please with course sugar on top?

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Cory James Hill

I would love to see FE succeed. I always saw it as having the best potential to replace Star Wars Galaxies at the only long-term MMO home I’ve ever had.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

The day Lifenet comes back online will be my best day in MMOing since City of Heroes rez’d.

Pablo López

Goooo! Gotta love Fallen Earth, so looking forward to come back.

Bruno Brito

Matt, for the love of god, stop teasing us. This hurts, man.