Magic Legends previews overland combat and map ahead of spring open beta


I kinda feel a smidge sorry for Magic Legends this week as its open beta announcement and slew of videos have been a bit overshadowed by the runaway train that is Gamestock. Nevertheless, on Tuesday PWE dropped a deckbuilding trailer and state-of-the-game video, along with the announcement that it’s rolling into open beta come March 23rd.

Since then, the studio hopped on stream to demo the game for would-be testers. PWE’s community manager SoFech is joined by Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa to talk about the remaining alpha wave before said beta and offer up nearly an hour of new gameplay content, though our eyes are drawn immediately to the gorgeous waving foliage – it’s real pretty for an isometric game, gang. The duo narrate as another dev rolls around the the overland areas, showing off combat, the interface and HUD, splashy spell effects (the ice walls are amazing), the mission complete screen, the overhead map, all in a bit of a “tutorialized” area.

The whole stream is below.

Source: Twitter

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I was disappointed when they announced they’ll shift from MMO to ARPG but I really like what I see here. The gfx is reminiscent of D3 with good animations and distinct visual style. The flow in combat seems great and satisfying combat is the most important thing in an ARPG for me. I like the idea of the card system, which probably works much better in an ARPG than it would have in a MMO, just hoping they won’t burden with too much cash-shop shenanigans. Now we/I just have to see how they’re going to keep the game fresh and interesting in the long run. The lore of Magic is deep enough by now to support tons of content.

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I enjoyed this in testing last year, but like Blake I also felt like it felt empty. I’m hopeful with some of the changes I’ve seen them say they’ve made on their site, and if P2W doesn’t get out of control, I think this could be a solid live-service ARPG to compete with lost ark.

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Am looking forward to seeing where they’re at. During testing I really did enjoy the deck mechanics, and the ‘drawing’ of your spells as you fought.

The one thing I felt was the game felt soulless and empty. I’m hoping they took the time between alpha and open-beta to flesh out the world, add the little things that make you feel like you’re inhabiting a world rather than a ‘looter shooter’ corridor that this time is looks like a swamp or desert.

Same goes for your ‘base’.