Path of Exile is still working out some post-Echoes of the Atlas bugs and issues

Big heist.

With Echoes of the Atlas and its first patch behind us, Path of Exile is looking ahead to a few other changes in the near future. To wit:

  • The team is working on multiple bug fixes that are in or will be soon, including Maven invites not sending, invisible enemies during rituals, Mark on Hit rage-granting, Zana missions, empty Sacred Groves, and Arcane Surge’s buff.
  • There have also been some nerfs to the Forking River Map so it’s not so brutally hard.
  • Working as intended: Haewark Hamlet spawn rates and Horticrafting Station capacity.
  • The team is still tinkering with adding new mats to the fragment stash and making active master missions more obvious on the map.
“We have resolved many of the common causes of crashes and continue to monitor and investigate reports as they arise,” the studio says. “If you are still experiencing crashes, please post a report on the Tech Support part of the forum. If it appears to be related to a specific game mechanic then please post your report to the Bug Reports forum.”


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