Runes of Magic opens the Dasein’s Labyrinth event zone for a limited time


Yes, the event zone that has been introduced in Runes of Magic calls itself Dasein’s Labyrinth, which implies that it introduces one of our community’s most hated MMO features. This one, however, doesn’t sound so bad, and there’s even an option to fight a boss instead.

From now until Thursday, February 4th, players that are at least level 75 can head to a portal near the bridge in Varanas, pay an entry fee of gold or items, and choose to either enter the titular labyrinth or take on Dasein herself in a boss fight.

The labyrinth gives players three minutes to find as many treasure chests as they can, with red chests containing keys to open purple chests full of items. Naturally being a labyrinth, there are traps that players can run in to which can either slow them down or speed them up. As for the boss fight, it promises a challenge that will require “strength and cunning” as well as a group of other players to join in with as “only a fool would dare face her alone.”


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Christopher Pierce

Why is it called Dasein?