Camelot Unchained previews the Verdant Forest and creation of 21 different races


The latest Unveiled newsletter from Camelot Unchained has a lot to talk about, but then again when you’re trying to describe the creation of a forest biome and 21 different in-game races, you’re going to end up with a lengthy newsletter and a monthly blog recap to top it off.

On the subject of the Verdant Forest, backers will be able to check out an in-game slice of this biome as a “proof of concept zone” that’s accessible via a portal from each realm’s home island. The zone in question is not fully complete, but it will feature some combat as well as have some open PvP gameplay available. However, this PvP isn’t exactly structured, so those who are eager to simply spawn camp are being warned against being a digital asshat.

The post further discusses future updates planed for the Verdant Forest, including a new lighting pass, adding critters, and creating sound effects among other bits of work. There’s also a look at a shipwreck POI as well.

The remainder of the newsletter takes a deep dive into the creation of the 21 races that are planned for CU, outlining a basic workflow for rigging and animating, starting first with human races, then demi-humans, giants, ephemeral races, titans, and races with wings and digitigrade legs, and then giving each individual race is given time to discuss their concepting, some of their abilities, and some lore.

The post also assures that, even though 21 races is a lot, most of them fall in the human and demi-human category, which means there won’t be a lot of rigging and animation work like there would with some of the more exotic races in the game.

source: newsletter, blog
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