AdventureQuest 3D pits werewolves against vampires, adds Bernie’s memeworthy mittens


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, werewolves, vampires, and horror is overtaking AdventureQuest 3D. Hey, this game doesn’t follow the traditional holiday schedule!┬áIn the cross-platform fantasy MMO’s latest patch, a secret down in the basement of Boog’s tavern will unleash a terror that no one — no, not even you — is prepared to handle.

“The Vampires and Werewolves are preparing for a mysterious event known as the Blood Moon,” the team revealed. “Many believe this lunar event will grant one side the power to rule over both… ending the war of the fangs once and for all.”

Beyond this monster fight, the team said that it’s working on an option to experience a non-level scaling dungeon, additional bank tabs, and a cinematic cutscene for the Darkovia finale.

Finally, don’t miss the new gloves on offer… bet they look a little familiar.

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