Shadow Arena introduces two new heroes and adjusts defense points in latest update


Shadow Arena, aka the battle royale game with fun modes but nobody around to play them, continues to push out updates in defiance of its low player numbers. This latest update has unleashed a couple of new heroes to the game’s roster as well as adjusted how defense points (DP) work.

First, the new heroes: Say hello to Wu-Ju, a controllable Black Spirit character that can decrease the DP of opponents but has low hit points and armor points itself, making it a great choice to play with a team; and Tantu, a ranged single-target offensive powerhouse thanks to the use of an Iron Buster gun.

In addition to these two new roster additions, the patch has modified how DP works, reducing the amount of damage received as DP increases; at 300 DP, damage received is decreased by 7%, and at 500 DP, damage received is decreased by 9%. These adjustments are in response to the application of Ignore DP mechanics and are meant to slightly increase the efficiency of DP, while also making Ignore DP a better counter to high DP characters instead of flat armor point increases.

The patch notes also outline a few specific adjustments to other characters in the roster, so players will likely want to read up.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)

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Yea, literally no one cared either way what they do with this game.

Entire thing was a huge waste of money and resources and it’s baffling that they continue to just pour more into this boondoggle.

Vanquesse V

Their entire target audience is already playing bdo, and that game already demands so much playtime you have to “play” while sleeping or afk in general


Sorta. Most AFK activities in the game are not that profitable all told. Like if you look at how much AFK activities actually net you in most cases it’s pretty bad money/hr. You do it because any amount of money/hr is still better than 0. Semi-AFK activities (high processing or cooking etc) are generally more profitable but not something you can go afk or sleeping since you gotta check in every 10-15 mins or so but still all that is a fraction of what you’d make actively playing.

However yes, most of the audience for the game already plays BDO. It was really dumb for them to take this game mode out of BDO in the first place. PvP oriented players loved this feature cause you could actually grind PvP and make money. The issue was the hackers. Since they offered free trials they basically had everyone and their mother coming through creating hacker accounts and just hacking their way through Shadow Arena in BDO. They could have put in restrictions, like buying the game or minimum time played but then that ruined the idea of Shadow Arena being accessible. So instead they moved it over to this other game where they could monetize it separately and it’s been a huge waste of time since.

Really should have just invested in creating better GM tools to handle hackers and cheaters than waste all this time moving this part of the game.

Vanquesse V

yeah, why they didn’t invest the money into making BDO less prone to hacking makes no sense to me.
It’s not like people aren’t used to being locked out of vulnerable parts of a game when using a free trial.